The Final Day After (23) – The Logos

When talking about the Word or ‘Logos’ of God, we must be aware that this term signifies the greatest of all mysteries: the fruit of God understanding Himself as being God, of God discoursing about Himself with Himself. So some elementary reflection on the Logos is necessary … And the Logos appears as victorious in the Apocalypse, which reveals to us our own part the final battle – in this ‘last hour’, Jesus’ and our finest hour.

Pictures are private or from the public domain, including the beato:…

a snapshot from “Into the Great Silence
Stoa in the agora of Miletus
by QuartierLatin1968 licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0…

Georgian chant: Shen Khar Venakhi, Kakhétie (You are a vineyard)
Artist: Ensemble Basiani
Album : Géorgie: Polyphonies vocales profanes et sacrées
Licensed to YouTube by Believe Music (on behalf of Ocora Radio-France)

Keywords: Apocalypse, Word, Logos, White horseman

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